Here at The Family Centre we pride ourselves on listening to our members and providing the support that will really make a difference.  We currently run monthly Parent Space groups on Saturday mornings and are also considering a weekday time following requests.  We currently provide BSL courses, a choir, rowing sessions and other ad hoc activities for the family as a whole.

We would really like to hear from all parents of deaf children to find out how they are currently supported and what additional support they feel they would benefit from, gaining specific feedback regarding Parent Space groups.  We would like to know what emotional support parents really need so we can find the most effective way to help.  We would be grateful if you could complete our short online survey.  It should only take five minutes and it would be really valuable to get your feedback so we can try and plan the services we provide going forward.  You don’t have to be one of our members to contribute.  All feedback is welcome.

Complete the survey here.

Thank you for your support.