Summer sessions at Mojo Active

Written by Marcella

September 6, 2021

No school holiday would be complete without a visit to Mojo Active! We kicked off the week with a fun morning for our 6–10-year-old children.  After the rain showers disappeared, we were blessed with sunny spells and a light breeze, perfect conditions.  We met our Instructor Ellie at 9.30am who took us to a cabin we were able to use as a base, giving us a perfect view point of the vast acres Mojo have and beyond to Wales.  Some were a little apprehensive at being left for the morning without their parents or carers by their side, but it wasn’t long before they settled into having fun.  The first activity was tree climbing after being safety briefed and harnessed up.  Our very own tree climbers, great fun!

For our next activity, we made our way over to the low ropes, where it was lovely to see the children helping one another out to complete the tasks ahead of them.  Great teamwork!

We then headed to the underground maze for a game of hide and seek.  A refreshment break and chat in the cabin about our morning so far.  We were joined by one of our older members as a positive role model to the younger ones.

   After a chat we completed our morning with a go on the assault course.   Everyone did so well.  A fabulous morning.





Wednesday was the turn of our older key stage 3 and 4 members at Mojo Active.  This full day was purely for those who have a hearing loss, no siblings, no parents, as requested by our youngsters.  It was a day for like minded kids to come together and have some fun.  Drop off was 9.30am.  Some didn’t know anyone, that was brave to come along knowing no-one.  Our first activity of the day was the High Ropes.   We were kitted out with harnesses and led through the fields to the start of the high ropes.  A safety briefing and a demonstration on how to clip and unclip led us to have a practice and a go on a small zip-wire.  Once comfortable with the practice the brave kids went for it, navigating their way over rope walks, floating planks before zip-wiring back down at the end.  They all had smiles on their faces.  Us adults weren’t brave enough to climb, we took the photos!

We met back at the cabin for lunch, chairs moved together and lots of laughter.

Our afternoon session kicked off with den building.  Four separate dens were built and judged on stability, uniqueness and layout.  A tour was given in true estate agent fashion.  All were deemed winners! 



Next was the famous military assault course, a firm favourite.  Again, teamwork was needed for most of the course.  One part of the course involves walking across a zig-zag of wood that is on top of a pool of water.  It was mentioned that no one has, up to this point, fallen in.  Famous last words as a few went feet first in!! So many laughs!

Lastly we moved on to Low Ropes.  Teamwork was needed and was delivered.  The day was enjoyable with new friendships formed.  Thank you to Mojo Active for having us.










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