Meet our staff & trustees


We would like to introduce ourselves as newly elected and re-elected trustees. Unfortunately, Rob Smith has now had to stand down as Trustee and our Treasurer due to changing work commitments. Neil Curry will now be our Treasurer.


Maggie Todd (Chair)

“I joined FCDC because my son Ben (10 years old) is deaf. Ben was diagnosed with moderate hearing loss in both ears when he was 3 years old and has been wearing hearing aids ever since. Despite the late diagnosis, Ben soon caught up with his speech and language at his mainstream primary school. Ben loves going to Kids Club/Deaf Youth Club because he can hang out with other children just like him, and he can be himself”

Emma Stevenson (Vice Chair)

“My son Ben now 10, has been attending FCDC events since he was 6months old. He is profoundly deaf with one implant and one hearing aid currently enjoying mainstream school in Portishead. This will be my third year as trustee. I think it is hugely important for there to be somewhere for him to meet other children with the same needs as him. He also appreciates finding other children who are the same as him and has found good friends through various activities the charity had provided. I was previously a trustee for a local preschool charity and prior to that, worked closely with charities while working for the civil service. I am otherwise a nurse currently working at Southmead hospital. As a trustee, I am very keen to ensure the Family Centre can provide something for all deaf children”

Laura Orna (Secretary)

“My partner Henry and I have two children, Max is two years old and has bilateral moderate-severe hearing loss and wears hearing aids, Evelyn is 3 months old and hearing. I wanted to get involved with the Family Centre as firstly, I didn’t want it to close! I think it’s a great place for us as parents as well as our children, to socialise, share experiences and support each other”

Neil Curry (Treasurer)

“I was elected as a Trustee to the FCDC at the 2016 AGM on 20th Nov 2016. I live in Bradley Stoke and I am the grandfather of Savannah who will be 3 years old on Christmas Day this year. Savannah has had severe hearing impairment but could hear with the aid of her hearing aids but following re-assessment she was successfully transitioned to Bi-lateral Cochlea Implants which she received in May 2017. My wife, Janice and I, did not really know the impact of HI until it affected us as a family and naturally have been surprised and grateful for all the help that we as a family have received so far from the relevant support agencies. I can see that over the years Savannah will be receiving a lot of assistance and I feel that I would like to put back some support to show how thankful we are for that help. Hence me volunteering to be a Trustee for the FCDS. Since becoming a Trustee my role has expanded to also act as the Treasurer for the Centre”

Wilson McKelvie

“This will be my second year as trustee. I am 50 years old and I work for Bristol City Council. I have 3 children, of whom my 2 boys both have partial hearing loss and wear hearing aids. Through FCDC they have been able to access events and opportunities such as the residential trip to Mill on the Brue and they both now play for the South West Hearing and Visually Impaired Futsal Team”


We are all committed to providing a network and a space for deaf children and their families and would like to work with everyone to achieve this.