Children's Hearing Services Working Groups (CHSWG) in your area

Bristol and surrounding areas

The Bristol Strategic CHSWG meets three times a year at Elmfield Primary School on a Wednesday morning from 10-12.

Family members are very welcome to attend, and if your child attends Acorns the meeting is always scheduled at the same time.

To download the Family Information Leaflet click here.

Professionals from many local service providers attend including:

The Family Centre (Deaf Children)

Elmfield School for Deaf Children

West of England Hearing Implant Programme


Sensory Support Services

Yate International Academy - HIRB

Oasis Academy New Oaks Primary - HIRB

Henbury Court Primary - HIRB

The current Chair is Alison Hooper - email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Telephone enquiries can be directed to Sensory Support Services on 0117 903 8441

The next meeting date is November 9th 2016.

Download the minutes of the May 2016 meeting here.

Bath and North East Somerset

There is a strategic group and three local groups in this area.

The Family Centre attends the local group for Bath which meets twice a year.  This is also attended by professionals from Audiology, Sensory Support Services, Sirona Care and Health, NDCS and West of England Cochlear Implant Programme.

Family members are very welcome to attend this local group.

The post of Chair for the local Bath group is currently vacant. Contact details will be updated shortly.


Download the minutes of the Oct 2016 meeting here.