Elmfield School for Deaf Children (Bristol)

Exeter Royal Academy for Deaf Education

Mary Hare (Newbury)

Longwill School for the Deaf (Birmingham)

Henbury Court Primary School (HIRB)

Oasis New Oak Primary School (HIRB)

Weston All Saints C of E Primary

Yate International Academy (HIRB)

Family Support

NDCS - National Deaf Childrens Society

Sensory Support Service (Bristol, South Gloucestershire, Bath and North East Somerset)

South Gloucestershire Deaf Association

deafPLUS (Bath)

West of England Hearing Implant Programme

Family Information Service (Bristol)

British Deaf Association (BDA)

Action on Hearing Loss

Royal Association for Deaf People (RAD)

Children of Deaf Parents UK

CODA UK & Ireland

Cochlear Implanted Children's Support Group

Deaf Parenting UK

The Ear Foundation

Deaf Parents Deaf Children

Supportive Parents (support for families with SEN children in Bristol, S Glos & N Soms)

SEND Partnership Service (support for families with SEN children in B&NES)

BSL Resources



NDCS Family Sign Language


Forest Books

Talk With Sign

BSL College